Pain free peel-off masks?

Hey lovelies!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re doing well! Today I wanted to talk about a skin care brand called Nugg (@NuggBeauty). I was lucky enough to receive some of their new peel-off masks, which clam to be pain free. These masks are also vegan and 97% of their ingredients are natural. They are cruelty free, paraben and sulphate free.  The price is around £4-5 and they are available online.

Here are my thoughts:

-Charcoal and Vitamin C peel-off face mask.

This mask was created to pore cleanse and mattify. If you have combination to oily skin like me, this is your new best friend.

I have to say that I made a mistake and I poured the whole bag. I had so much left over that I had to throw away because it dried out.

MY ADVISE: Use half of the bag and mix it with 3 TBS of water. Apply it fast and use an old face brush because once it starts drying it won’t stick to your face! Leave it in your skin for 15-20 minutes and the peel it off.

If you don’t have oily skin, just put the mask on the areas where you get more blackheads/spots.

Peeling the mask was very easy. I didn’t manage to peel everything at the same time (EPIC FAIL) but I have to say it was completely pain free! You can remove the excess with a cloth.

THE RESULTS: My skin felt super clean. I usually get loads of blackheads on my nose and this definitely helped eliminate them. I have sensitive skin and the mask did not irritate my face at all!

The instructions on how to use the masks are in the package and they are super easy to use.

-Tea tree and Sea Silt peel off mask.

This mask was created for pore refining and refreshing. It tones, cleanses, refines and energises the skin. I would say it’s for all skin types, it worked amazing for mine.

The texture of this mask is really thick. I poured the whole bag and added 4 TBS of water.

THE RESULTS: This mask was super easy to remove (in fact I managed to remove everything at once without breaking it, it was very satisfying). My face feels super super tight and fresh.


I really enjoyed using these masks. It was also my first time using peel off masks and it’s been an amazing experience. They are totally pain free and super easy to apply. If I have to choose one, I definitely preferred the “Tea tree and sea silt” mask since my face felt super clean without being stripped out. It was also easier to peel off.

If you’re into skin care, you should definitely give this brand a go!

Check out my video for the NuggBeauty peel off challenge:

Until next time,

Aby xx


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