Travel diary: Brugge, Belgium

Hello lovelies! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂

I did something a little bit crazy. I absolutely love traveling but I always feel like I don’t have a buddy to go on adventures with, since my closest friends and family are all in Spain! So I decided to book a random trip to Belgium for a few days on my own!!!

I only stayed for three days, because since it’s the first time, I wanted to start off with a short period. Brugge is a super safe place to go on your own, I had no problems or whatsoever.

I visited Brugge and Brussels, and today I wanted to talk about Brugge.


The languages spoken in Belgium are French and Dutch, also English. Since Brugge is such touristic area, you will be perfectly fine just by speaking English.

If you’re taking the train or coach, you’ll arrive to the central station of Brugge. It’s super beautiful, and really big. Keep in mind it opens at 03:30 am and it includes loads coffee shops to start off your day right! It’s also 15 min walk from the city centre, and there are loads of buses around. Single bus trips cost around 2€. I didn’t take the bus, because I preferred exploring as much as possible!

Town centre

You can literally visit Brugge in a day. You can walk everywhere because it’s a small town. There are loads of museums and galleries to visit, such as the Dali or the Beer museum.  Brugge is such a fairy-tale medieval town. Even the floor is medieval, so you better wear some comfortable shoes!

There are loads of public toilets, and they cost 0.50€, so you better have some coins with you!  In regards to accomodation, there are loads of hostels and hotels in town centre and also walking distance from the train station.

Beer Museum


As you guys know, Belgium is very popular for their waffles and chocolate !!! There were loads of shops that sell these. I must say that I was able to find more of these shops in Brussels than in Brugge.

A plain waffle is 2€ and each extra topping is around 1€. They are all freshly made and taste super delicious.

Fun fact: Brugge smells like waffles

Junk food is also very popular: fries, burgers… Belgium beer is also very Famous and you can find it here . You can visit the beer museum and have a beer in the same building, it costs 9€.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for my next blog post on Brussels!

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