Makeup Revolution: Blending brushes and palettes


Hi lovelies!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are having an amazing day!

Today I wanted to share my first impressions on some of the Makeup Revolution cosmetics. Also do you like my silver hair? I always wanted to see how it looked on me so here it is🙊

These products include:

*Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection C301

*Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Vitality:

*Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit C04:

*Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar & Spice:

*Makeup revolution Amazing Volume Mascara

Makeup Revolution is such an affordable brand and I have heard lots of good reviews about the products. In the UK, they are available in most drugstores such as Superdrug. The prices of these items range between £1 and £15, being the brushes the costliest ones.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection

The set includes 3 blending brushes and a sponge:

-Eyeshadow blending brush

-Foundation blending brush

-Highlight and Chicks blending brush

The brushes are gorgeous. I used the smaller brush to blend my eyeshadow and I was so impressed. It blended the colours really well.  I used the foundation blending brush in order to apply my blush, as I already had a foundation brush which I love!! Lastly, I used the highlight and chick bones brush to do my contour and apply a little bit of bronzer. However, you can either follow the recommendations of the brushes found at the back of the box or use them your own way, just like me 🙂

RPI: £14,99

Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Vitality

This palette is absolutely gorgeous. It was so difficult for me to choose a palette because there were so many! I chose this one because it includes some vibrant magenta/pinkish shades. I used the blending brush to apply it. However, I noticed there was a bit of fall out under my eyes. Some of the shades, like the pink ones were so pigmented. Others, like the gold/beige did not give much pigmentation. It is long lasting and easily removable.

RPI: £4

Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit C04:

This palette includes a highlighter, a matte bronzer and a shimmery bronzer. The colours are so pigmented, which surprised me. I used the matte bronzer and highlighter. I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of the bronzer because it can be difficult to blend it you put it excessively. I had to use the sponge included in the set to blend it in.

The highlighter is champagne and I was impressed on how natural it looked. It is not very “loud” so it’s perfect for everyday use. I personally prefer more gold highlighters because they suit my skin tone much better.

RPI: £3.50

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar & Spice

This is my favorite product from the range! It is also the best blush I have tried and I love it!!! The colours are so beautiful and if you struggle finding the perfect blush shade, you need this palette!!! Also, I have used it as eyeshadow palette and it works!!! The palette also includes two shimmery blushes which work as a highlighter!!!

RPI: £4

Makeup revolution Amazing Volume Mascara

I was a little bit disappointed with this item!!! It is obviously really cheap, so we can expect amazing results. I normally wear it for university for a no-makeup look. It adds a little bit of thickness and it is easily removable. I don’t see the amazing volume. However, if you have short eyelashes, this product may also disappoint you!

RPI: £2

Overall, I totally recommend this brand! It is very affordable and the products are good. They did not disappoint me and I will definitelty expand my Makeup Revolution collection. My favorite of these items was the blush palette and my least favorite the mascara.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed this post!!

Until next time,

Aby xx



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