I am truly grateful for where I am right now. I believe that we don’t go through something, we GROW through something. Look at your life last year at this exact point. How different is it? Mine has changed 360*.

Every situation that we go through is a blessing or a lesson. Everything is ultimately rigged in our favor. Once I let go, everything came to me.  Everything I needed.

My soul is itching to be expressed. My soul is screaming for a change. I am ready for the next chapter, I am ready to continue growing. I am ready to receive with open arms every single blessing God is sending.

I forgive you. I forgive every single person that has ever hurt me. I forgive every single person that once let me down. You are forgiven. I am forgiven. I am love. I am light. Good things happen and love is the most amazing and wonderful power.

I am willing to grow. I am willing to learn. I am willing to change. I am experiencing a spiritual awakening. I am ready to give and receive true unconditional love.

Aby xxx


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