10 Habits of succesful people

Hi guys!

First of all I am so sorry for not posting in ages! I have literally had so many deadlines at uni but thank God I am officially done for the term!

Today I wanted to share 10 habits of successful people that I have learned from reading books, articles, watching videos, podcasts… These are things that I am trying to include into my everyday life and I am sure it will help you achieve your goals and feel accomplished!

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1-Don’t complain or blame others for your problems: You can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you respond to those events. Successful people are always optimistic for their future!

2-Practise gratitude: Be thankful for everything you have achieved so far and I can guarantee you you will attract more things to be thankful for!

3- Surround yourself with people that can inspire you and uplift you. My mum always says: “Tell me who you surround yourself with and I’ll tell you who you are”, which is a Spanish idiom that means your friendships play a very important role in your life!

4-Create your own morning routine: See what tasks you can complete before starting your day.  This can include exercising, cleaning….

5-Make health and exercise you priorities! No matter how busy they are, successful people always have time to work out. Regular exercise and diet can lead to higher levels of productivity and accomplishment.

6-Know your strengths and weaknesses: Be aware of the areas you need to improve about yourself.

7-Take initiative: When successful people want something, the just go out and make it happen.

8-Read!: Be selective, choose knowledge and learning over entertaining books.

9-Meditate/Journal: Most successful people agree they like meditating or practising any other mindfulness activity, which also helps reduce stress!

10-Failure is good!!! It is another learning opportunity and it is also life guiding you in a different direction.

Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

Aby x


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